Sildenafil: Medical Uses

Sildenafil is a medication that is used to manage the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension and erectile dysfunction. In this article, you will learn more not only about the use of this drug for the conditions mentioned above but also about the effect of these drugs when used for other circumstances.

Pulmonary Hypertension
This drug is used for this rare condition. As soon as you take the drug for the condition, the medication will relax the muscle wall of your artery. This will lead to a decreased level of resistance in your arterial wall. In turn, this can lead to decrease level of pressure within the vicinity. Eventually, this can help in reducing the amount of work that the right ventricle of your heart has to perform.

Erectile dysfunction is the main indication for this drug. This condition pertains to the inability of the male to sustain an erection as a prerequisite to sexual intercourse. However, this acts more of a symptom manager rather than a complete cure for the condition. In addition to this, the drug has been found to improve the symptoms caused by diabetes mellitus.

Altitude Sickness
The drug has been shown to be extremely helpful in the treatment and the prevention of pulmonary edema that one can acquire from high altitudes. This is a condition that is commonly experienced by mountain climbers. As far as the medical field is concerned, this type of effect has only been recently discovered. This implies that the treatment for this particular condition has not been standardized.

The professional athletes have been noted to use the drug to help them open up the blood vessels. In turn, this has helped them increase the amount of blood that they have for their muscles. They believe that this can improve the performance of the players during the big event.

Jet Lag
This medical use has not been completely confirmed for the drug. However, according to the experts who have investigated on the use of the drug for hamsters with jet lag, the drug has been highly effective in treating the condition. In fact, the drug has been helpful for the recovery phase of the hamsters.

This is normally used with acetildenafil as an aphrosidiac. However, if you plan to use the drug as a form of analog, you may have to make sure that you will consult your physician first because the combination has not yet been proven as completely safe for regular consumption.

According to a study, the drug has little effect on the body systems if it has been used by a person with no erectile dysfunction and other similar types of conditions. Interestingly, the drug seems to have a placebo effect for those who have been using them.

The following concepts simply highlighted the use of the drug for other conditions and situations. Hopefully, this has helped in reducing the doubts that you currently have in mind right now. If you want to consider using this drug for a particular medical condition that you have, you may have to consult your physician regarding the condition as well as the medication.